Wednesday, April 13, 2011

expressive arts therapy

on Wednesday afternoons we gather in a small conference room
off the chemo room
around the table:
4 of us with advanced cancer plus our therapist friend Emily
this is our second meeting
funny, it feels like we have been together for a very long time
maybe it is our 3rd meeting at least?

Emily brought a huge amout of wonderful scrapbooking papers
an array of Sharpies, scissors and gluesticks
and a guided plan that integrates our minds and hands
as we find our voices for issues we all face

this time we worked with our strengths and created
a pathway
with cut out "stepping stones"
it is a balance between living and being aware of our process
I look forward to these meetings and want to see everyone there
my friend S. came late, running around with and for her son
it was so great to see her walk through the door

my cell phone made its audible appearance and to my surprise
Bryan was in Jefferson City, on his way home from Springfield
an overnight tournament experience
I thought he would be coming home in the evening
so I scrambled trying to connect with Gary to pick him up
but it ended up that I had to leave the meeting
talk about being torn!

hit the road, got my boy, loved seeing him back,
loved him in words as much as I could in a short drive
and listening to his stories,
got him home, made sure the inside door was unlocked
and sprinted back to the group,
even if just to listen to it wrap up...
the connections are very deep
I did not want to miss a word
an interchange,
the simple basic direct artwork that is expressing parts of our journeys

we went past the designated time
and I appreciated all that was shared amongst us

I need these sisters of mine
chosen family
not because of pain
rather because of hope
and tenacity
and peace...

D's beautiful gorgeous sparkly big blingy ring
I knew it had a story to it and asked her if she would be willing to
share the story
it belongs to her older sister
in her family, they sometimes exchange jewelry
to be connected
when D looks at her ring, her sister is close
I like that a lot
it shines, with intense blue sky "clarity"
D's significant word for the day

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