Tuesday, April 3, 2012

message in a bottle

in the middle of the week, last week,
a most amazing snail-mail delivery:

a message in a bottle - literally!

Pam in Kansas, you are an amazing artist
and the experience you give people through your artwork
is the kind that lasts a lifetime!
I keep the message in the bottle close at hand so I can share it often

oh, this can only be described with a photo... I will need Bryan's help for this

on behalf of the Lincoln Art Center in Lincoln, Kansas
Pam created invitations extraordinnaire (sp?)
invitations to participate in an art show with the theme of "vessels"
the plastic bottle is lined with parchment looking paper
with gorgeous old ship graphics (this being the 100th anniversary year of the Titanic)
inside, carefully perfectly wrapped with waxed linen thread
in a tube shape, two parchment papers with the information...

oh the mailing tag is perfect
the pen color
the postage stamps - how did Pam get the USPS to design those stamps for HER?

I can carry on endlessly
OK, I have a thought:

I just happened to notice in a Somerset Life magazine that I finally opened
the other day
that there is a relatively new publication from Stampington called "Mingle"
I think this unique artwork must be as in absolutely must be
published either there or in some other magazine
that will get the most attention:


it is an honor to be invited to participate in this upcoming show
and I will be creating a piece for it
my theme will be developed from the inspiration I get from "nests"
which are home & family vessels in my mind

the message in the bottle is experiential art
I love the back story to it
mostly I love the person who thinks and lives that way


  1. I'll look forward to seeing a photo and also what you will create Gloria. Putting a photo on your blog is easy peasy!!

  2. Can't wait to see the photo, too! Pam is so incredibly creative, as are you dear Gloria. Nests.....what a perfect vessel for your project. Looking forward to seeing a photo of your creation as well.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the photo, Pam is a very creative person and her artwork shows the time & effort put into her pieces of art.